PDF Plus - Merge & Split PDFs App Reviews

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Not useful at all

Just got this and I want my $5 back. 1) It’s not opening a file that another PDF split and merge was able to open. This app claims it’s a damaged or encrypted file — it’s not. 2) You can’t view the pdf that you’re trying to split. So you have to memorize which pages you want to split out before uploading the file. 3) I waited for over a minute and it couldn’t perform a simple split. The app was still “working”.

it merges but….

It merged 34 documents but there was not table of contents nor does it allow you to make one. it’s a pitty, otherwise it would have been a great app.

Perfect !!!!

Perfect !!!

Good, watermark could use one feature

Solid app, but just wish that you could angle the text diagonally on a PDF as it’s standard in my industry. You can rotate an image watermark, but not the text. EDIT: The PDF it creates from the watermark increases the size of the file drastically. An 811kb PDF jumped to 21MB. Not an easy file to email anymore, making this useless

Works very well now - super fast customer support

I was running into a problem with PDF Plus deciding to randomly rotate some of my documents 90 degrees. Nothing I did seemed to make any difference or change the outcome. I’m very happy to report that the dveelopers got back to me right away and resolved the issue in a beta then in a final release. This is a tool I will use week after week for work.

does not work.. wasted 6 bucks.. how do i get my money back

this app does not see the PDF document that i want to split… buyer beware… do not buy it…

Great app

Easy and simple!

Easy to Use App for PDF files

This app is simple and very easy to use. Also, it's a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Rotates PDF when watermarking

I wanted this to work, thats the reason I paid for it. I need to add Copy stamps to documents. This will do this but every time it does it rotates the pdf and puts it on the side instead of the top. A waste of 5.00 unless this is fixed.

Very useful

I have been looking for a decent app that can crop PDFs for some time. This app does the job perfectly. Very useful to have around.

Nice app

This is a solid app when it comes to merging PDF files. It can also split, crop and watermark PDFs fairly well, but I mainly use it to merge documents. I like the simple interface and the fact that you can drag and drop files in the app. This increases my productivity a lot.

Great app

Perfect app for merging and splitting PDF files. I work with a lot of PDF documents on a daily basis and this app helps me a lot. Thumbs up.

Very good app

This app is definetly a must have if you work with a lot of pdf files on a daily basis like I do. The split and merge features are especially useful. Very simple interface, easy to use and it does everything as advertised.

Good PDF toolbox

It supports all the common PDF operations like merge, crop and split but it lacks advanced features like PDF editing. Even so, this a useful tool to have around.

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